The Largest UK Vegan Database

VegaBase is a Mobile Application that makes it easy to find Vegan products in the United Kingdom.

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Search for a product you would like to purchase, and instantly have results and a list of where to buy it.


Filter products by Category & Retailer to accurately find the the type of product you are looking for.

Voice Search

No typing needed. Simply say the type of Vegan product you are looking for, and get instant results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VegaBase free?

VegaBase will always be a free App for all devices.

Is VegaBase available on Apple devices?

Currently VegaBase is only available on Android devices. It will be available on Apple devices in the future.

Why don't all of the Products have images?

Images can only be used if the copyright holder of the images allows them to be used commercially. The products that do have images are gathered from sources where the copyright holder has agreed the images can be commercially used.

Who Created VegaBase?

VegaBase was created by Daniel Barker

Are all products on VegaBase Vegan?

All products on VegaBase are Vegan. However, there are cases where ingredients can change in a product, and we do our best to keep this up to date. It is always best to double check ingredients when purchasing.

Why was VegaBase created?

VegaBase was created to centralize a list of Vegan products in the United Kingdom. The idea is to make it fast and simple to find Vegan products in the United Kingdom for Vegans or people who are transitioning to Veganism.


Available for Android Mobile and Tablet devices.

Google Play Icon Coming Soon

Works on Android Jelly Bean and above.